Prof. Sangjoon Ahn

 Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University (2013)
 B.S. in Nuclear Engineering, Seoul National University (2005)

Research interests:
• Nuclear Fuel Performance Experiments and Modeling
• Radiation Interactions with Matter
• Nuclear Materials Degradation for Long-term Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel
• Phase Equilibria of Nuclear Fuel Materials under Irradiation


• ’15 - present: Assistant Professor, UNIST
• ’14 - ’15: Senior Researcher, KAERI
• ’13 - ’14: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Fuel Cycle & Materials Laboratory (FCML), Texas A&M University
• ’09 - ’13: Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Nuclear EngineeringTexas A&M University
• ’05 - ’08: First Lieutenant, Republic of Korea Air Force Academy (ROKAFA)
 ’00 - ’02: Co-founder / Director (Chief Contents Officer), ETOOS Co. Ltd. (

Research Representative Publications:

Sandeep Irukuvarghula, B. Blamer, Sangjoon Ahn, S.C. Vogel, A. Losko, Sean M. McDeavitt, “Texture evolution during annealing of hot extruded U-10wt%Zr alloy by in situ neutron diffraction”, Journal of Nuclear Materials (2017).

Sangjoon Ahn, Sandeep Irukuvarghula, Sean M. McDeavitt, “Microstructure of α-U and δ-UZr2 phase uranium–zirconium alloys irradiated with 140-keV He+ ion-beam”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 681 (2016) 6-11.

Sandeep Irukuvarghula, Sangjoon Ahn, Sean M. McDeavitt, “Decomposition of the γ phase in as-cast and quenched U–Zr alloys”, Journal of Nuclear Materials 473 (2016) 206-217.

JeongDong Kim, Sangjoon Ahn, Yong Deok Lee, Chang Je Park, “Design optimization of radiation shielding structure for lead slowing-down spectrometer system”, Nuclear Engineering and Technology 47 (2015) 380-387.

Sangjoon Ahn, Sandeep Irukuvarghula, Sean M. McDeavitt, “Thermophysical investigations of the uranium-zirconium alloy system”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 611 (2014) 355-362.

Yong Deok Lee, Chang Je Park, Sangjoon Ahn, Ho-dong Kim, “Development of lead slowing down spectrometer for isotopic fissile assay”, Nuclear Engineering and Technology 46 (2014) 837-846.

Joseph T. McKeown, Sandeep Irukuvarghula, Sangjoon Ahn, Mark A. Wall, Luke L. Hsiung, Sean M. McDeavitt, Patrice Erne A. Turchi, “Coexistence of the α and δ phases in an as-cast uranium-rich U–Zralloy”, Journal of Nuclear Materials 436 (2013) 100-104.